The Best Free Business Apps for Cell Phone

Top 10 best free Android apps for business people.

Android has penetrated the smart phone market so deep that it has now become the ultimate choice for every phone user. The Android Market has some great applications for business users and let’s look at the Top 10 Business Application for Android.

OfficeSuite Viewer 5

This is one of the best free office application for Android to view Excel, Word, PowerPoint and PDF files on your mobile phone. This app lets you download and view email attachments. It supports all the basic document formats like TXT, XLS, EML and even supports ZIP archives.

Kingsoft Office

This application does not only let you view office documents but allow you to edit them as well. You can use Kingsoft Office to create DOC,XLS and PPT files. It even supports copy paste between applications and the developer promises constant updates to keep the app upto the mark.

Mobile Document Viewer

Mobile document viewer is a free application which lets you view various office documents on your Android device. In addition to this, it can also let you view .TXT and .CSV files too!

My Excel

For someone who depends a lot on Excel sheets, My Excel is an excellent application exclusively developed for viewing and editing Excel applications. Excel sheets can be copied to your mobile device and you can view and edit your excel sheets on the go.

ThinkFree Office Mobile Viewer

This is a simple free application to view Microsoft Office documents like Word, Excel and Powerpoint. You can use this app just to view the documents, you cannot edit them. Google Docs support is an added plus and it is integrated with ThinkfreeOnline.

Secret Box

It is always necessary for business people to hide important information. Secret Box is such an application which you can use to hide SMS, Contacts and call logs. A secret code is used to access this Secret Box. You can create a ‘fake’ secret box to deceive anyone who insists you to show you their secrets.

File Manager

This application from Rhythm Software is a full feature file manager for Android devices. There are many devices which make file operations very easy. You can cut copy and paste files with the help of a cancellable dialog box, compress and decompress files, search and share files and do much more!

Live Indian Gold Silver Prices

This one is a very useful live application for Indian commodity traders. Once it has been connected, this app provides constant updates about Gold prices.

Software Data Cable

This is one of the best apps developed for the Android devices which let you connect to your PC via WiFi connection. Once connected, you can simply use drag and drop for transferring files.

Battery Saver – PowerDefender

Developed by AndroidDev, this is an excellent application to save battery on your mobile. By using a “AutoKill” feature, it kills of all the idle tasks and save you Android device’s battery.
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