Top 5 Best Browser Apps For Android Cell phone

Top 5 Android Web Browser for all Cellular Phones

Accessing the internet has always been one of the important tasks that the smart phone performs. A good web browser is required to enjoy the perfect web experience and the Android market contains many browsers. The trick is to choose the best out of the lot. Let’s take a look at some of the best web browsers for Android.

Opera Mini

Opera Mini has always been the most used web browser in mobiles. It provides fast loading and low data rate charges as it compresses the data up to one tenth of the original content. It supports pinch to zoom and the panning feature lets you browse the internet very comfortably. Bookmarks and Speed Dial make this browser as efficient as the PC version of the Opera browser it has built-in support for Twitter and Facebook for easy sharing.

Skyfire Web Browser 4.0

Ranked #2 on the TechCrunch’s Best Android Apps of All Time, Skyfire is the browser which is dedicated to Social Networking. The features like Facebook QuickView, Facebook Like button, Google Reader and Twitter integration makes it ideal for people into social networking. It has Flash support which enables the users to watch videos which are normally not viewed in the mobile. The Skyfire search returns search results from top websites like Google, Twitter and much more. Easy access to Facebook news feed and inbox makes sure that you are in touch with your friends all the time.

Dolphin Browser Mini

This is one of the most simple “no nonsense” browsers out there in the Android market. Dolphin Browser focuses on delivering the most user-friendly experience but that doesn’t mean it ignores the required features for a browser. It has speed dial-up front and a very new menu design which is easy to access. The infinite tab support makes it very convenient and Dolphin Browser even has a History/ Most Visited section. It even supports Flash for Android version Froyo and above.

Mozilla Firefox

This is the official app for the Mozilla Firefox browser on the Android devices. Mozilla is not new to developing browsers and this is a great app for those who are used to Firefox on their PC. Firefox is one of the most secure browsers out there and it is updated with the latest security and privacy features which ensure the safety of your device. Addons like the Facebook and Twitter come in handy at the right times.

Secret Browser

Developed by Visvanoid, this is best browser to use when you do not want to leave trails of the websites you visit. Secret Browser is a password protected browser which hides all the websites you’ve ever visited and ensures complete privacy over your browsing history. It will not even show up on the recently opened list so it is hard to even find out if you used this app.
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